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Sound Bites from Sticky Conference

I had the opportunity to attend the Sticky Teams conference this week. Here are some of my favorite points from the main speakers: [In churches] “We confuse connecting people with being friendly. It’s hard to assimilate new connections into old relationships.” ~ Larry Osborne “You can have change without growth. But you can’t have growth… Continue reading Sound Bites from Sticky Conference

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elections and evangelicals

USA Today recently posted an interesting column called The Truth About Evangelicals. Written by “as left wing a Democrat as they come,” the article generally critiques defining mainstream Evangelicals by their colorful extremes (i.e John Hagee). Joel Hunter, an Orlando megachurch pastor puts it this way: “The media have been too eager to feature a… Continue reading elections and evangelicals

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The Center For Church Communications is launching a cool new resource for churches called “OUTSPOKEN – Conversations on Church Communications.” The book, which releases this Thursday, Sept. 15 at Story in Chicago, features perspectives from more than 60 church communications pros. “Outspoken covers everything from general marketing to writing, outreach to design, leadership to websites,”… Continue reading outspoken

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update on male birth control

Researchers hail recent “Scientific Advances on Contraceptive for Men,” though they’re still not quite sure they meet the “stringent safety and effectiveness criteria that female methods do.” Also, they’re still not sure men will actually use them. Hmm. Now why do you suppose that is? Let’s review. Women used to have relationship power. Back in… Continue reading update on male birth control