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christian web conference

I spent today at Biola University at the Christian web conference, which continues tomorrow. Turns out, this is an expanded version of GodBlogCon, the first Christian blog conference of its kind back in 2005, which has evolved to include social networking and interactive media. Here are a few snapshots. Tim Challies spoke on Ephesians 4:15:… Continue reading christian web conference

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fail friday

There’s an interesting regular activity on Twitter known as “Follow Friday.” It has a very positive purpose to promote other Twitterers, as well as help people find other interesting people they might like. The problem is, people will often just list off a bunch of names, like this: #followfriday @smashadv @hardlynormal @chrissonksen @fattybombatty @seejenwrite @davidhfoster… Continue reading fail friday