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12 men and the inner circle

A common argument in the Christian leadership industry for Jesus’ example in choosing a “leadership team” (and against women in leadership) is pointing to the fact that the twelve disciples were all men. Jesus clearly demonstrated by example that the leaders in this new faith – and in his leadership “structure” – were men, right?… Continue reading 12 men and the inner circle

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changing minds about women in leadership

“How I Changed My Mind About Women in Leadership” is a new collection of essays on gender and roles by Dr. Alan Johnson of Wheaton College. It includes the stories of a wide range of scholars and evangelical leaders such as Bill & Lynne Hybels, who became converted to the position of biblical egalitarianism (biblical… Continue reading changing minds about women in leadership

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pastors and burnout

The New York Times is worried about pastors suffering from burnout. “The pastoral vocation is to help people grow spiritually, resist their lowest impulses and adopt higher, more compassionate ways. But churchgoers increasingly want pastors to soothe and entertain them. It’s apparent in the theater-style seating and giant projection screens in churches and in mission… Continue reading pastors and burnout

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the masculinity conundrum

For all its obsession with the world’s “leadership” hype, the church’s traditionally male leaders nevertheless suspect a creeping “masculinity crisis” in the church. While one could consider a crisis of this sort a reflection of leadership – (ahem) – today’s leaders seem to have taken one of two approaches: blame women for coming to church… Continue reading the masculinity conundrum