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gratitude is good for you

It’s Thanksgiving week, and I want to do what I can to temporarily stave off the onslaught of Christmas commercialism. Over $400 billion dollars of consumer spending is looming out there, not to mention the success or failure of the entire national economy, and they are determined to have you start yesterday! What are you… Continue reading gratitude is good for you

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tv & the 10 commandments

No, I’m not talking about Charlton Heston. In fact, ABC’s Nightline recently launched a series on The Ten Commandments. The perspectives are remarkably balanced, though rather than going through the commandments chronologically, they opted to start with #7 – thou shalt not commit adultery – obviously a “sexier” way to kick off a new series.… Continue reading tv & the 10 commandments

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Eating Chocolate Prevents Death

Science says so. Or… at least that’s how I read it. Though it’s possible that what science actually said was something more like, “eating it two or more times per week reduces the risk of dying from heart disease in heart attack survivors.” Well. “Eating chocolate reduces risk” (right there in plain English) is enough… Continue reading Eating Chocolate Prevents Death