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thoughts for christian leaders on prop 8 decision

Earlier this week Christianity Today posted a timely article: What Is the Gospel Response to the Prop. 8 Decision? – a collection of observations by Christian thinkers, primarily academics. I’ve read through it several times, and find myself feeling… well, disappointed. But if there’s one thing I know absolutely about Prop 8, it’s that it’s… Continue reading thoughts for christian leaders on prop 8 decision

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Friend and teenage step-daughter. Going to see Iron Man 2. (loved it.) Shopping. Discussing People magazine. Renting movies. Fixing dinner. Talking. Turning up the TV. Talking louder. Writing projects. Loading/unloading the dishwasher. 8th grade science experiment with coke and menthos. Looking up old boyfriends on Facebook. Eating ice cream. Re-telling our favorite stories. Again. Not… Continue reading houseguests

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the singlextianguy blog

There seem to be lots of blogs providing the single, Christian female perspective on all things church and culture (see my sidebar for a few). Now some single, Christian guys are writing from the male perspective. They’re thoughtful, and wonderfully transparent (Top 5 Lines Christian Guys Dread to Hear,) and rather romantic (Lost in the… Continue reading the singlextianguy blog