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lent series week 2 : solitude

In the 7-week Lent series at my church we’re looking at the spiritual disciplines Jesus portrayed during his 40 days in the desert. This past weekend we talked about solitude. After a slightly scaled-back worship set, Pastor Gene Appel started his message… in silence, using the placards in the pictures above. The silence was several… Continue reading lent series week 2 : solitude

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teaching or memorializing

The New York Times recently posted a fascinating article about a cultural/generational transition currently taking place at Auschwitz. I think it provides some remarkable insight into the conversations taking place between generations of Christians today. “Those in charge of passing along the legacy of this camp insist that Auschwitz needs an update. Its story needs… Continue reading teaching or memorializing

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changing minds about women in leadership

“How I Changed My Mind About Women in Leadership” is a new collection of essays on gender and roles by Dr. Alan Johnson of Wheaton College. It includes the stories of a wide range of scholars and evangelical leaders such as Bill & Lynne Hybels, who became converted to the position of biblical egalitarianism (biblical… Continue reading changing minds about women in leadership