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the masculinity conundrum

For all its obsession with the world’s “leadership” hype, the church’s traditionally male leaders nevertheless suspect a creeping “masculinity crisis” in the church. While one could consider a crisis of this sort a reflection of leadership – (ahem) – today’s leaders seem to have taken one of two approaches: blame women for coming to church… Continue reading the masculinity conundrum

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tell your stories

I’m always fascinated when the advertising/marketing world releases a finding that correlates positively with the Church. Branded Designers recently posted an article, “86% Of Consumers No Longer Believe What Brands Say About Themselves.” This just means that consumers have figured out advertising, and understand that a company has a vested interest in defining their image… Continue reading tell your stories


selling hope

Seth Godin explains what it is marketers are really selling. “Not powder or chemicals or rubber or steel or silicon or talk or installations or even sugary water. What marketers sell is hope. The reason is simple: people need more. We run out. We need it replenished. Hope is almost always in short supply. The… Continue reading selling hope