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getting started

Thanks again to Church Marketing Sucks for asking me to participate in their “Getting Started” series. Getting Started is a series of interviews with a wide variety of church communications staff who share their successes and failures, ideas and strategies, and a whole lot of wisdom. My interview posted here.

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brands that create meaningful lives

Fast Company recently posted an article, A Successful 21st Century Brand Has to Help Create Meaningful Lives. An enormous study of how consumers around the world interact with brands finds that only the companies that make life better for consumers create impactful connections. I’m always intrigued when culture begins to understand something the Church has… Continue reading brands that create meaningful lives

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communication lessons from american airlines

I recently took a trip to the Midwest to visit family, and endured one of my worst travel experiences, stuck in O’Hare airport overnight on what should have been an otherwise routine journey – one I’ve taken many times. As a communications director, I watched and listened with interest as American Airlines failed to manage… Continue reading communication lessons from american airlines

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buying a brand

Yesterday Jen Taylor Johnson posted a great article at the Christian Standard, calling out Bible publishers who keep creating repackaged versions so we’ll keep buying. “…I see it as one more indicator of American Christianity’s consumer mind-set. A simple study Bible in a reliable translation is not enough? We need the ‘Personalized Promise Bible’ that… Continue reading buying a brand

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mega-churches & multi-sites

On Monday I wrote a post critiquing a comparison of the modern-day local church with the beginning of the early Church. The comparison is often used to justify multi-site campuses as the new growth strategy for mega-churches. Aren’t multi-site campuses really just a super-mega-church dressed up in small-local-church clothing? And if so, is there anything… Continue reading mega-churches & multi-sites

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spiritual formation & the christian conference

If you’ve ever attended a Christian conference of some type, you know they can be inspiring, exhausting, informative, connecting, provide great resources and sometimes just make you feel inadequate. They help us with ideas, resources, connections and encouragement, but do they help us in our desire to abide in Christ? Two things: 1. I want… Continue reading spiritual formation & the christian conference

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the masculinity conundrum

For all its obsession with the world’s “leadership” hype, the church’s traditionally male leaders nevertheless suspect a creeping “masculinity crisis” in the church. While one could consider a crisis of this sort a reflection of leadership – (ahem) – today’s leaders seem to have taken one of two approaches: blame women for coming to church… Continue reading the masculinity conundrum

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tell your stories

I’m always fascinated when the advertising/marketing world releases a finding that correlates positively with the Church. Branded Designers recently posted an article, “86% Of Consumers No Longer Believe What Brands Say About Themselves.” This just means that consumers have figured out advertising, and understand that a company has a vested interest in defining their image… Continue reading tell your stories