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halloween options for christians

My annual list updated for 2010. 1. Treat it like the unrecognized, under-appreciated “pre-holiday” holiday that it is, and decorate your entire house and yard with orange lights, pumpkins, spiders, coffins, cobwebs, ghosts, and scary music. 2. Turn off the porch light and go out for a nice, uninterrupted dinner. 3. Find a church with… Continue reading halloween options for christians

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thoughts for christian leaders on prop 8 decision

Earlier this week Christianity Today posted a timely article: What Is the Gospel Response to the Prop. 8 Decision? – a collection of observations by Christian thinkers, primarily academics. I’ve read through it several times, and find myself feeling… well, disappointed. But if there’s one thing I know absolutely about Prop 8, it’s that it’s… Continue reading thoughts for christian leaders on prop 8 decision