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interview on social media church

Several weeks ago I was contacted by DJ Chuang about participating in his Social Media Church podcasts. If you’re somehow still unaware of this incredible resource, go and bookmark it now. DJ is curating interviews and thoughts about the use of social media within the Church, from all kinds of perspectives: communications, web, tech, marketing… Continue reading interview on social media church

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brands that create meaningful lives

Fast Company recently posted an article, A Successful 21st Century Brand Has to Help Create Meaningful Lives. An enormous study of how consumers around the world interact with brands finds that only the companies that make life better for consumers create impactful connections. I’m always intrigued when culture begins to understand something the Church has… Continue reading brands that create meaningful lives

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buying a brand

Yesterday Jen Taylor Johnson posted a great article at the Christian Standard, calling out Bible publishers who keep creating repackaged versions so we’ll keep buying. “…I see it as one more indicator of American Christianity’s consumer mind-set. A simple study Bible in a reliable translation is not enough? We need the ‘Personalized Promise Bible’ that… Continue reading buying a brand

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12 men and the inner circle

A common argument in the Christian leadership industry for Jesus’ example in choosing a “leadership team” (and against women in leadership) is pointing to the fact that the twelve disciples were all men. Jesus clearly demonstrated by example that the leaders in this new faith – and in his leadership “structure” – were men, right?… Continue reading 12 men and the inner circle

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Sound Bites from Sticky Conference

I had the opportunity to attend the Sticky Teams conference this week. Here are some of my favorite points from the main speakers: [In churches] “We confuse connecting people with being friendly. It’s hard to assimilate new connections into old relationships.” ~ Larry Osborne “You can have change without growth. But you can’t have growth… Continue reading Sound Bites from Sticky Conference

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The Center For Church Communications is launching a cool new resource for churches called “OUTSPOKEN – Conversations on Church Communications.” The book, which releases this Thursday, Sept. 15 at Story in Chicago, features perspectives from more than 60 church communications pros. “Outspoken covers everything from general marketing to writing, outreach to design, leadership to websites,”… Continue reading outspoken