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interview on social media church

Several weeks ago I was contacted by DJ Chuang about participating in his Social Media Church podcasts. If you’re somehow still unaware of this incredible resource, go and bookmark it now. DJ is curating interviews and thoughts about the use of social media within the Church, from all kinds of perspectives: communications, web, tech, marketing and more.

Our conversation is part of Episode 53: 4 Levels of Social Media Engagement. DJ and I go way back to “when blogging was big.” I remember meeting him at a conference and asking if he would be live-blogging the sessions. (Remember live-blogging? Who could listen and write coherent paragraphs at the same time? Uhh…not me.) He said he was trying a new thing called Twitter and would be “tweeting” the sessions. I made a mental note to find out what that meant.

So in Episode 53 we talk a little about blogging and social media, along with some of the how’s and why’s of what we’re doing at Eastside. I’m always happy to talk about my church.

Perhaps more importantly the podcast begins with thoughts about the 4 Levels of Social Media Engagement. DJ refers to some tech friends of mine, Van Metschke and Mike Sessler, who provide an amazing church resource called Church Tech Arts. The 4 levels provide some really good thinking on social media engagement.

Thanks DJ, for bringing it all together.

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