Culture · Relationships

getting it backwards

There are lots of things in the world today that we just see backwards.

Like “trying it out” by living together is a good way to tell if you’re compatible for marriage, when study after study shows the opposite is true.

“We don’t need a piece of paper to validate our relationship.” When what you mean is, you’re not even committed enough to bother with a piece of paper that’s so “insignificant.”

And online friend Dan Johnson nailed one this week on his Facebook page:

“Whoever said, ‘Love is blind,’ was wrong. Love has 20/20 vision. It chooses to overlook some of the things it sees. Love, like friendship, accepts who we are trying to be and not who we always are. Lust is blind. Love has perfect vision.”

Lust is blind. It sees only its own needs and gratification, ignores responsibility and consequences, and frequently objectifies. Love sees us for who we really are, as well as who we can become.

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