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The View From Her was recently included in a list of top 100 Christian marriage and relationship blogs by the Catholic Dating Sites Blog. First of all, thank you to Joseph Atkins, editor of the blog, for compiling such a comprehensive list of thoughtful and well-written sites that is a remarkable resource for marriage, singles, and relationships. I’m honored to be included in it.

The description for my entry is as follows:

The View From Her: this Midwest writer blogs about relationships in a Christian context. Interesting topics include male birth control, love, and connections.

Aww… yes. I remember writing about “male birth control.” That was back in 2007 when researchers claimed “male birth control products are getting closer to market.”

And then, in 2011, I updated it upon learning of new “scientific advances on contraceptives for men.”

A quick Google search reveals that in 2012 – surprise! – a male birth control pill may be ready soon! It’s as if scientists distribute an annual press release to convince everyone that they truly do care deeply about male birth control, while they secretly work on something way cooler. Like a tractor beam that can move objects.

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