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so it’s valentine’s day

Well, it’s here. Valentine’s Day, or as many singles prefer to call it – Black Tuesday. It might possibly be the most dreaded day on the entire calendar for singles without a significant other, though it’s really become rather an over-sexualized, consumer-oriented and manipulatively-hyped “holiday.” Me? I try to just to focus on the positive, and not be bitter…sweet.

For example, we’re going to buy more than 58 million pounds of chocolate. So even though I don’t have a… semi-sweetheart, I mousse just go ahead and buy some for myself. I mint also go rent a video, something like…Chocolat, and just plan to stay in, and mocha the best of it. Though it might cream like I’m missing out, I think it’s actually butter not to have to go to all that truffle.

Because let’s face it. One thing Valentine’s Day has going for it is the chocolate.

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