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off to Q

Today I’m traveling to Portland to participate in this year’s “Q” Conference. “Q is a place where innovators, church leaders, social entrepreneurs, and cultural leaders come together to explore the church’s role in positively contributing to culture,” and “collaborate around the biggest questions facing the church today.” You can read about all the topics and speakers here.

I think I said before that attending Q is a bit like trying to drink from a fire hose. Part of what really makes it work is the quality of the presenters – some of the top thinkers in today’s culture, and it makes for a lot of Big Ideas to try and get your brain – and heart – around. My friend Lorraine observed, “Q isn’t a ‘how to’ conference. It’s a ‘what about’ conference.” That’s a pretty good summation.

To get an idea of the scope, here are some sound bites from Q-2009 and a post about Q 2008 in New York – a real paradigm-buster.