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better off single for valentine’s day

fatnaked-vdayWell, it’s just one week until Valentine’s Day. Dating/married men: this is your heads-up to remember the card/flowers/chocolate/dinner reservations. You should know that:

“The average man plans to shell out more than twice as much ($158.71) as the average woman ($75.79) – perhaps suggesting men are ignoring the ‘it’s the thought that counts’ sentiment this year… With co-workers, children and children’s classmates/teachers to buy for, young couples/parents will spend far more than their parents or grandparents on Valentine’s Day. Adults 25-34 will spend an average of $189.97…”

So you’re starting to figure out the title of this post.

But here are some other reasons it’s better to be single on Valentine’s Day. (Note: some adult content) My favorite was this:

“Less time scrubbing toilets and cleaning gunk out of the drainer, more time eating bon-bons and watching VH1 or doing whatever the heck you please. Single women do less housework a week than married ones (10 hours for single women versus 15 hours for married), most of it apparently cleaning up after married men, who only do five hours.”

I did the math, and that’s like 5 extra hours a week we singles have to go to the movies or out with friends.

A few reasons of my own:
1. You don’t have to spend $159 or $76 for a socially-imposed “holiday.”
2. You can wear your favorite flannel jammies or sweats to bed.
3. You don’t have to share the chocolate.