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If you’re looking for further reading on traditional leadership/influence/motivation/roles – these are not those kinds of links. But, if you’re interested in stretching a little, being part of discussion rather than a leadership lecture, read on. There have been a lot of great links in the past couple of weeks, and because I wanted to sort of think about them further, I decided to post them together here.

Kinnon, as always, kicks off the new year with some provocative observations about today’s culture of “leadership” vs. Jesus’ call to discipleship in More Disciples, Fewer Leaders, Please. Here quoting Scot McKnight:

“…leadership too often places the pastor or some person in the front and having others be guided (and following) that person, and that, I dare say, distorts the entire gospel. Jesus was willing to say that his followers didn’t have a rabbi of their own, didn’t have a human father in a position of ultimate authority, and they didn’t have an instructor who was their teacher. They had one rabbi and one instructor, and his name was Jesus, and he was Messiah. They had one father, and he was Creator of all. They were to see themselves as brothers, not leaders. That’s straight from the lips of Jesus. [Emphasis Added]”

Bill followed that with More Disciples, Fewer Volunteers, Please, and then had a key insight: Leaders Lead, Disciples Disciple.

Down another avenue of church leadership is this Tony Morgan post about a discussion of church trends with Jenni Catron. Jenni notes a very positive trend towards women in church leadership roles.

“I’m excited to see this balance of leadership within the church because I believe it more accurately reflects the picture of biblical community and the image of God (Genesis 1:27). Scripture tells us that God equips all believers with spiritual gifts and that all of us working together using our gifts to further the message of the Gospel is the complete body of Christ (I Corinthians 12). I believe that by inviting more women to serve and use their giftedness at all levels of leadership we will see the church more fully thriving.”

Disciples (both men and women) following our leader (Jesus) and using our spiritual gifts (of which leadership is just one). A great way to start a new year.

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