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hearing God

I came across this graphic at, and think that it makes an important spiritual point. God is always active in our lives, working in circumstances and events. He speaks to us through his word, and through the wise counsel of friends. But there are times… yes, those times. We all know them. If you haven’t been a believer for very many years, they will come. But don’t be afraid of the silence.

Churches love to encourage us to hear God speak. I’ve not heard many speak about God’s silence. I sat in a staff meeting once where a pastor gave us five minutes and then asked us to write down what God just said. I happen to believe God is working from a far grander, more mysterious perspective than one in which I can snap my fingers and demand a sound bite.

If you’re experiencing the silence illustrated above, here are some thoughts on how to fully experience it. God is doing something in your life. He’s actually never more present or actively involved in our lives than these times of silence.

One thought on “hearing God

  1. Some wonderful perspective and thoughts! I don’t think God really plays games with us, he’s not sitting outside our world saying “watch what happens when I don’t respond how they expect”. I think He knows what’s best for us, sees farther out into the future than we can imagine and basically asks that we TRUST HIM. So easily said, so hard to follow through on.

    Thanks for the reminder that God is with us ESPECIALLY in the silent times.



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