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“Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever.” (Psalm 106:1)

My annual list of thankful things. It’s quite a bit longer than previous years. And still by no means complete.

• chocolate. (Reeeally not a necessity, but God created it anyway. Thank you!)

• for sunsets, because every day they are a second chance to see God’s artwork happening live. And I always miss the first, early morning performance.

• my snug, comfy little condo.

• my iPhone. I admit it.

• surprises.

• flannel sheets, all soft and cozy on chilly nights.

• the internet.

• a new, cool job with fun people. And a regular paycheck. And a church I love. That lets me play trash can drums in the band.

• for Lorraine at ThinkinBig Communications who kept me busy (and afloat) with freelance work. If you need a P.R. representative that’s committed to working for good causes with great companies, she’s the one to call.

• I’m thankful for Janice, Traci, Tami, Jim, Svet, Lisa, Linda, Steve, Theresa, Greg, Lupi, Rhonda, Carol and Lynn-and-Jim and probably others I’m missing in the blur of generosity. Awesome friends and family who bought lunch, paid for dinner or drinks, arranged outings, offered to drive, “just happened” to have an extra pass at the movies, contrived to pay me for “services” (babysitting the bulldogs? uhhOkay.) and otherwise listened, encouraged and prayed for me over the past 15 months. I am rich.

• for a God who is Emmanuel – God with us – in every season and situation of our lives, especially the dark times of refining fire he may require to draw us ever closer to Himself.

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