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the power of an idea

Consider the power of an idea.

I’m not referring to an ideology. I’m talking about the unexpected, grass roots-type of “hey, what if…?” that has given us intermittent windshield wipers and Post-it notes. It’s the moment when loosely associated thoughts and ideas suddenly correlate into a surprising new thing. And that’s an explanation that doesn’t nearly do it justice. Because when you get one of these, incredible things can happen.

The power of an idea can:
… keep you awake all night
… wake you up at the crack of dawn
… make you eager to get up and go to work
… increase optimism in other areas of your life
… give you renewed energy
… monopolize conversations
… make you lose all track of time
… give you courage to do things you’d never otherwise do
… make you unusually determined
… motivate you to overcome any obstacle

Are new ideas hard to come by? Or do we just not give ourselves enough uninterrupted time and space to allow the shuffling of our “loosely associated thoughts?”