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get your geek on

I had an awesome opportunity recently – first, to write a story about a good friend of mine and a new web site he recently launched, and secondly, to have it posted on the Church Marketing Sucks blog.

The Tech Arts Network, launched earlier this month by five technical professionals, aims to be a resource for church tech directors all over the country, providing information, answers, knowledge-sharing and camaraderie. The network is primarily a resource of audio and visual netcasts and blogs – mediums these guys live and breathe every day.

I’ve worked with Van Metschke, technical arts director at South Hills Church in Corona, California, and while I’m completely and utterly biased, he’s one of the most knowledgeable guys in the business. This is the type of knowledge-sharing and “building up” that believers should really be known for.

So bookmark it, and forward the link to any growing tech staff or volunteers you have – it’s an incredible resource. And a special thanks to Cynthia Ware at the Center for Church Communication for connecting us all.