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joining God

When you’ve been unemployed for over a year, it’s really easy to become completely self-focused. First I must clarify: while I’m technically unemployed, God has been providing me with lots of freelance work which has been keeping me afloat.


I catch my brain chewing on questions about what God has for me. What does he want me to do? What is he trying to teach me? What is his plan for me in this trying season of my life?

And while they may sound all spiritual, the object of all those questions is, well…me.

I recently had the opportunity to begin the Experiencing God study. I realize I’m a little late to a party that was really hopping oh, about 1999. But I’m really enjoying it. If you went through the study, you’ll remember a key point is that in order to live a Christ-centered life you must focus on God’s purposes, and not your own plans. The questions I chew on are focused on me – my learning, my purpose, God’s plan for me.

In today’s culture, it’s easy for Christians to fall into the trap of individualism – even when it comes to God’s will for our lives. That’s being “me-focused.” As the Experiencing God study points out, God is constantly at work around us. Rather than impatiently waiting for him to work in our individual lives, we should focus on where God’s working and join him.

The thing is, when you look at life this way, you suddenly see God working everywhere. He’s got a lot going on. If you join him in these random, unfamiliar adventures, you can suddenly find yourself very busy.

Or at least I am.

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  1. That’s good thinking. But so against the concept of self preservation and so much easier said than done. Thanks for the reminder!!!


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