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love is an action

marinpic Last weekend, Andrew Marin and friends from the Marin Foundation intentionally spent time at the Chicago 2010 Gay Pride Parade. You might not guess it but Andrew, author of Love is an Orientation, is a conservative Christian determined to build a bridge between Christians and the gay community. The team wore t-shirts that simply said, “I’m sorry,” and carried posters with variations on the message “I’m sorry for how the church has hurt you.”

Andrew says, “The point was to talk, engage, apologize, demonstrate what true reconciliation looks like amongst our diverse group all the way to the broader community.”

I admit, this picture made me a little uncomfortable. Until I read the story about how it happened. Nathan, Director of Pastoral Care at the Marin Foundation, wrote I hugged a man in his underwear. And I am proud. that tells the amazing story.

These stories happen over and over. They’re the stories of men and women loved by God who are moved when his love is demonstrated as an action by real people. Not a conditional love. Not a “love the sinner/hate the sin” abstract, impersonal “love.” But a real, caring, engaged love demonstrated in something as simple as a hug.

It’s irresistible.

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2 thoughts on “love is an action

  1. Thanks for spreading this story, Jan. I think it’s an amazing picture [well, maybe a cropped version of it!] of what God can do when we’re willing go to places where we’d typically be unwilling to go!


    1. Thanks, Tim. You had a great post as well. We had Andrew speak at a Q-like event at Mariners and it was incredible to see how these conservative, middle-aged people embraced his message. It’s definitely an idea whose time has come.


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