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my top 10 favorite dads

While television tends to portray Dads as bumbling goofs, occasionally the movies get it right. In honor of Father’s Day, here’s a list of my top 10 personal favorites among movie Dads.

10. The Pursuit of Happyness. You have to admire a film that shows a dad willing to go to any and all lengths to provide for his son.

9. The Incredibles. It’s a well-known fact that Dads have super-powers. And who doesn’t love one who encourages you to use yours?

8. Hook. Okay, so Robin Williams exemplifies more of a bad dad at the beginning, but he makes it all right by crossing over to Neverland and taking on Captain Hook to get his kids back – “You’re my happy thought.

7. Cheaper by the Dozen. Diapers, dinners, discipline, driving, dating – a penultimate Dad. But twelve kids… was he crazy!?

6. Mr. Mom. Michael Keaton took on the kids and the house dad-style, making it crazy and a little adventurous. “One-twenty, one-twenty-one… whatever it takes.”

5. The Ultimate Gift. Technically, it’s the grandfather who leaves his grandson a gigantic inheritance – with strict, and unusual stipulations before transfer. But his wisdom and insight help his grandson become the man he was meant to be. Isn’t that what dads do?

4. Father of the bride. Yes, Steve Martin is kind of a bumbling goof. But his love for his daughter through the years is unmistakable.

3. Signs. Okay, I just love this movie, period. Mostly because of its deep, spiritual messages. And because of Mel Gibson. Who happens to be great as a dad with faltering faith and tremendous love for his children.

2. Finding Nemo. The story of a dad who will go to any length to find his son, Nemo’s dad swims oceans, battles jellyfish and treacherous currents to bring his son home. And, like any good dad, he worried a lot.

1. Parenthood. Steve Martin plays an authentically human dad with all the frustration, insecurity and heart-warming moments inherent therein, while wrestling in relationship with his own dad (the curmudgeonly Jason Robards).

2 thoughts on “my top 10 favorite dads

  1. What about Spencer Tracy in the Original Father of the Bride and Tom Hanks in Sleepless in Seattle?


    1. I didn’t even go back to the classics… Gail on FB mentioned Gregory Peck in “to Kill a Mockingbird.” Tom Hanks was a GREAT dad in “Sleepless…”


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