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notes from Q – part 2

Additional observations from my notes on Q:

Matthew Sleeth talked about the need for a Sabbath in our lives within today’s culture. We need to find rest by choosing to live in a 24:6 world. (If you need help defining “rest,” Sleeth says “Figure out what work is for you and don’t do it.”)

Alister McGrath suggested it is possible to overcome the faith/science divide by recognizing that the two are not exclusive (remember, that cuts both ways). Scientists are not our enemies, but we must talk with them in ways/language they understand, which means we can’t necessarily say science is wrong, but that it’s incomplete.

People of the Second Chance suggests that as Christians, “Our brand is failure.” Mike Foster has also posted some pictures and thoughts on Q at POSC. “Withholding grace from those who’ve sinned is like a firefighter being stingy with water.”

Richard Florida, author of The Rise of the Creative Class, reminded us that every human being is creative – it’s the true essence of humanity, it binds us together and gives us a future.

Charles Lee of the Idea Camp spoke about collaboration, which is not just a mutual agreement of thought. It takes work: CO:LABOR:ATE. It requires the nurturing of seeming unrelated concepts and relationships, and must be centered around what God is doing in the world.

And in case you were wondering, yes – science is developing highly realistic robots. Dr. Rosalind Picard spoke of building technology with emotional abilities. This could be incredibly helpful for people with difficulty communicating emotion – such as those with autism. But lest you worry that Will Smith’s I Robot is coming true, Dr. Picard confirmed that scientists do not yet have a way to give robots feelings (a moral sense), conscious experience (sense of being), a soul/spirit, or free will/free choice.

Also, check out, a unique site connecting people’s needs with other’s abilities in a very practical, interactive way.

6 thoughts on “notes from Q – part 2

  1. >>“Withholding grace from those who’ve sinned is like a firefighter being stingy with water.”

    Thanks for reminding me of that quote. It really hit me when he said it but I hadn’t thought of it since I left Q. Your post was a nice reminder. Thanks!


    1. Nice to finally meet you too, Lindsey! I have enjoyed reading through other bloggers notes (and filling in some gaps I missed) and will look forward to reviewing yours at some point. 😉 Glad to hear you survived the great Nashville flood… hope your life is getting back to normal…


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