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5 big issues facing the church

Don’t miss these two great posts by Tim Keller. They provide a very thought-provoking look at significant changes in the cultural landscape in which we live our faith. First, Five Big Issues Facing the Western Church.
1. The opportunity for extensive culture-making in the U.S.
2. The rise of Islam
3. The new non-western global Christianity
4. The growing cultural remoteness of the Gospel
5. The end of prosperity?

It is followed by How Do We Handle the Big Issues Facing the Church?
1. The local church has to support culture-making
2. We need a renewal of apologetics
3. We need a great variety of church models
4. We must develop a far better theology of suffering
5. We need a critical mass of churches in the biggest cities of the world.

Considerable food for thought for church and ministry leaders.

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