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spiritual formation & the christian conference

If you’ve ever attended a Christian conference of some type, you know they can be inspiring, exhausting, informative, connecting, provide great resources and sometimes just make you feel inadequate. They help us with ideas, resources, connections and encouragement, but do they help us in our desire to abide in Christ?

Two things:
1. I want to introduce you to Metamorpha, an online resource for those seeking spiritual direction. The idea of abiding in Christ comes from John 15:5, and is a core foundation of spiritual formation.

2. The Metamorpha blog is featuring a series on “The contemplative Conference-goer,” beginning with An Introduction to Temptatations of the Christian Conference. It seemed like an especially timely series with the Exponential Conference happening right now, Catalyst West starting today, and Q next week.

I’ll be helping out at CatWest, and attending Q next week with Julie, the author of the above post. I’m looking forward to her observations.

Part 2: Contemplative Conference-goer : the Temptation to Consolation
Part 3: Contemplative Conference-goer : Make Space to Prayerfully Examine the Day
Part 4: Contemplative Conference-goer : Temptation to do Something/Nothing

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