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weekly tweet roundup

I love Twitter, and often find interesting links that I don’t have time to write a blog post about. While you can see my daily tweets over in the sidebar, it occurred to me that if you don’t follow me on Twitter, or you’re not on Twitter (and why aren’t you on Twitter?) it might be interesting to regularly group a few tweets – perhaps with a bit more commentary. You can see what you’ve been missing, and let me know what you think.

3/30: Wondering who, exactly, is the target market for Hello Kitty Wine… http://bit.ly/aj3JDA

3/28: a little something different for Easter appetizers… involving Bacon. http://bit.ly/bIii02 I’m not sure… [The web site claims “Candied bacon is the new cupcake.” You make the call.]

3/27: Thinkin 4 new career mebbe I’ll run 4 office. Platform: I balance my ckbook. Every. Month. Cn I count on your vote?

3/26: So excited. Of 5 friends who are unemployed, 3 now have jobs! God is working it out… I’ll keep praying for the other 2.

3/26: Online Apologetics Conference for Promoting the Christian Worldview through Literature and the Arts – http://bit.ly/b66Z6B

3/23: Just saw 80y/o man push 80y/o woman in wheelchair across street @ full run – laughing & shrieking. 8 lanes of traffic stared…captivated. [I watched people in the cars around me strain their necks to watch. A moment of joy in an otherwise average day caught everyone’s attention.]

2 thoughts on “weekly tweet roundup

  1. “(and why aren’t you on Twitter?)”

    It would be one more distraction for me.

    In so many tweets, people try too hard to be clever.

    I wouldn’t want to bore others with “I’m going to the library now to return a book” or similar.


  2. I love Twitter too! It keeps my friends connected, makes me laugh, and brings up new and interesting things I never thought of!

    Follow Relevent if you don’t already – get Christian magazine!


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