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unemployed girl

unemployed_girl You probably thought this would be another post about me. But no, “Unemployed Girl” is actually a painting by a Russian artist in 1904. Kazimir Malevich painted several other studies of women at work (or not working, as the case may be).

Clearly, she’s taken herself to the park in the afternoon for some soul searching and contemplation of her situation. Her expression appears thoughtful, as though she’s remembering what happened – her pursed lips an indication that she’s either fighting back tears, or simply pissed off.

Ironically, the background is populated by women strolling or with children, and the juxtaposition implies a lonely isolation from the life she may long for.

I like her. You get an overall sense of calm determination, as though even now she’s thinking about what’s next.

One thought on “unemployed girl

  1. I wonder how many occupations were open to women in 1904 Russia. I looked up the artist and saw that he also painted a flower girl and a laundress. Miss Unemployed looks like she could be a teacher or governess.

    What would you think the painting showed if you didn’t know its name? It’s not like a portrait of a girl with a pearl earring, helpfully titled “Girl with a Pearl Earring.”


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