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the singlextianguy blog

There seem to be lots of blogs providing the single, Christian female perspective on all things church and culture (see my sidebar for a few). Now some single, Christian guys are writing from the male perspective. They’re thoughtful, and wonderfully transparent (Top 5 Lines Christian Guys Dread to Hear,) and rather romantic (Lost in the Lord.)

Stop over there and give them some love.

3 thoughts on “the singlextianguy blog

  1. OK- I did visit the site and I enjoyed his perspective. I could identify with him in principle, but I couldn’t identify ALL THE WAY…simply because of the generation gap. I honestly think being single at my age is very different than being single in your 20s. I wonder if there are any single males in the baby boomer generation who are blogging about their experiences….have to admit, I’m having a difficult time envisioning that! (Oh me of little faith!)

    P.S. Ever since I discovered your blog I try to read it every day. I find your “view” very refreshing.



    1. Thanks Annie! You make a good point… I’m not sure what it is about single boomer males – either looking for someone who’s “very fit and looks good in jeans” (per online dating profiles) or just happy being bachelors. Interesting… but you’re right – much different than 20’s dating.


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