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for social media skeptics

If you’re someone involved in marketing or advertising, but are still a little skeptical about the value of social media, or you work for a boss who doesn’t see the practical value, this article may help convince them. A live data tracker follows numbers of people joining Twitter and Facebook, uploading videos, blogging, searching Google – every second. This graphic was from just five minutes of data tracking:


You can view (or show your boss) the live data tracker here. It’s time to get beyond the printed newsletter mailed (or emailed) to a finite client list.

One thought on “for social media skeptics

  1. Wow, with marketing as the target focus, this is super eye opening! Last year our small (Mom & Pop) construction company spent in excess of 12k dollars in advertising & not one red cent went to the internet or social media cites for marketing. It provokes me to think that we never saw the connection between work environment and the (fun) social networking environment as it is joined by the “individual” who does both consistently!

    You will be happy to know that we have rethought our expenditures and have moved away almost entirely from traditional marketing apps. to the virtual advertising in internet technologies and we are looking for creative ways to infiltrate these social networking sites to further our scope of the market.

    I would love to get your thoughts…..


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