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unique team investigates fraud

In a very interesting circle of events, former Los Angeles Times investigative journalist Bill Lobdell has joined with ex-felon Barry Minkow to launch iBusiness Reporting, “an online news operation that will report on business corruption and fraud.”

Bill is the author of “Losing My Religion: How I Lost My Faith Reporting on Religion in America–and Found Unexpected Peace,” a memoir of how he gave up his faith while covering the corruption of televangelists and the Catholic sex abuse scandal. Minkow founded the Fraud Discovery Institute, an organization that that has uncovered more than 1.8 billion in financial fraud. He’s also senior pastor of Community Bible Church in San Diego.

The new venture will provide investigative news stories and report other news content about business corruption. This is interesting to me because Lobdell is a great writer and excellent investigative reporter – something we are starting to miss online as printed newspapers fade away. Also, as my friend Di pointed out:

– Ex-Christian joins investigative news enterprise
– Enterprise is run by ex-con
– Ex-con is now a senior pastor as well as businessman
– Thus, former Christian’s new partner is a believing Christian

We believers can see God’s sense of humor there. But everyone can be glad to see them both join their considerable talents to make the world better, by bringing financial accountability and justice into today’s economic chaos.