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valentines planning

It’s there… looming. Oh yes, the Superbowl hype and parties and such allow you to ignore it this weekend, but then there it is, blocking out all light on the horizon. What singles refer to as “Black Sunday.”

Couple of suggestions. First, you may warily consider seeing the movie Valentine’s Day with its “all-star ensemble cast” which looks suspiciously like it’s all about couples. Still, with a group of friends who have a sense of humor, a little bit of fun and romance may be appreciated.

Second, invite some friends over – potluck – for a casual dinner and a movie. Require everyone to bring a themed gift – maybe something red – for a white elephant exchange, and set the limit at $5. Yes, that’s right, just $5 and no cheating. It’s possible, but you have to be way more creative, so it’s way more fun. Then watch an old movie (you don’t have to worry so much about R-rated content). I recommend How to Marry a Millionaire, a hilarious film with an all-star ensemble cast including Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable and Lauren Bacall.

And third – single, married or dating – you may just be looking for an alternative to this over-hyped Hallmark holiday. In a world where Haiti is still completely devastated, spending upwards of a hundred dollars for flowers/dinner/chocolate may not seem… quite right. Check out Free Wheelchair Mission’s Valentine suggestion. For just $60 you can put a human being in a light, all-terrain wheelchair, providing them with freedom and dignity. You can do it for Haiti. That would be a sweet expression of love.