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mr. right gone wrong

Here’s an interesting blog post reviewing an article about why women are finding it harder to find Mr. Right. Theories range from women who are too highly educated for the average beer-drinking Joe (yes, we could all be happily involved if our only criteria was pants), to a scientific phenomenon known as “operational sex ratio.” (Which basically means you don’t want to be a single male in China for the next 15 years or so.) What actually does make sense is the television theory: a constant assault by the media portraying men as stupid, incompetent dads and husbands.

“So our society has created a mess where men are vilified in the classroom, fed PC rhetoric, told their life’s goal is to make women happy and do anything that assists her with her goals, while simultaneously told that he is a dope, idiot and unable to care properly for children, and now people are questioning where Mr. Right went?

He just became the stereotype that society has portrayed him as for the last 20 years.”

(HT: Impacted Wisdom Truth)

2 thoughts on “mr. right gone wrong

  1. Have you noticed that articles like these appear just before Valentine’s Day? ; ) I’ve been reading about “Marry Him” by Lori Gottlieb. It’s not about finding Mr. Right; it’s about accepting Mr. Good Enough.


    1. Yes… maybe that’s what contributes to my crankiness on the subject. 🙂 I’ll check out the book you mentioned – I like the message. Or instead of God’s “good enough,” or “my Mr. Right”, maybe we should be asking for “God’s match for me.”


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