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keep going

I can’t help it. This has been a down week, mostly because I’ve been pretty sick with the cold/flu. Between drinking Nyquil and lying on the couch moaning, there just wasn’t a lot of motivation for blogging, or tweeting, or Facebook-ing

Actually, there’s more. I got sick. Then the holiday job in the shoe department came to an end. And then I found out I’m apparently the only one out of like 8 million people not eligible for even one extension of unemployment. (That just happens to be a drawback of working for a non-profit.)

So I claimed this verse: “My spirit is broken, my days are cut short, the grave awaits me.” Gotta love Job.

Because the thing is, Job kept going anyway. God let Satan strip away everything – Job’s family, his possessions, his livelihood. And somehow, Job got up every day and kept going. He argued with friends. He railed at God. He questioned, was frustrated, evaluated his actions. I’m not sure why we speak of “the patience of Job.” Believe me, patience has nothing to do with getting up every day and waiting for whatever is next – good or bad. There’s no other option than waiting.

So here’s what I know. God allows (and sometimes causes) things in our lives to be stripped away. Things we ordinarily might be tempted to take credit for or find identity in – careers, resources, creativity, income, abilities. And when they’re gone, we’re left sitting questioning, frustrated, evaluating… just like Job. We cling to our faith, get up every day and keep going.

Because the next thing that happens is… God answers out of the storm.

3 thoughts on “keep going

  1. I hope that you feel better soon. : ) Your words about everything being stripped away reminded me of a video profile from Redeemer Presbyterian that I saw recently. I think it would encourage you. It’s at newbirthportraits.com/gallery/6.

    PS I’m self-employed, so I never get unemployment!


  2. Oh Jan ~ I’m so sorry!!! I’ll keep you in my prayers, and I can’t wait to find out what’s at the end of your storm!


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