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things we learned in 09

• Thanks to about a trillion bailout dollars, money really does “grow on trees.” Just not for you and me.
• Established companies ignore social media at their own peril.
• A black man can be president
• Beer really might help solve the world’s problems.
• Some remarkably talented singers don’t come in pop-star packaging.
• Tiger Woods isn’t perfect.
• Neither is President Obama.
• Terrorists are not finished trying to kill us yet.
• Giving it away for free still makes money: U2’s radical decision to live stream their Los Angeles concert.
• Regular folks on Twitter continually beat professional news organizations to breaking stories.
• Global warming experts “cooked the books.”
• Imma tell you why live television is so entertaining.
• It actually is possible for a plane to make a water landing.
• We’re fickle… It’s not okay for some people to have eight children, but it’s okay for others. Except when it’s not.
• Occasionally, there’s not “an app for that.” But maybe in 2010…