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not-so-perfect gift ideas

Well, this is it. The last weekend before Christmas. Time to finish your shopping mall strategy to find those final, perfect gifts. To be on the safe side, here’s a quick review of some not-so-perfect gifts. I enjoyed The Lingerie Trap (a little glimpse of the train of thought that provokes in a woman’s mind… “Way too expensive on sooooo many levels.”) Or “The joke’s on you: Before you spend $20 on a whoopee cushion or another joke item, think about flushing that $20 down the toilet. Is that funny? I didn’t think so.”

I came across this awhile back. The “Hello Kitty” design definitely tips this gift towards a woman, but clearly it would work equally as well for men. I don’t know, does a breathalyzer send the wrong message?

The Japanese have a whole cultural category called “Chindogu” – meaning, “useless inventions.” These things are hilarious, and I’m not sure they’re entirely useless. I mean, letting a crawling baby mop your floor seems like a pretty good use of a baby to me.

I do recall one year my brother-in-law bought my sister a vacuum cleaner for Christmas. I’m still not sure if she really liked it…but she did seem excessively pleased to tell everyone, “My husband gave me a Christmas present that really sucks!”