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trusting and expecting

I recently heard someone make an important observation about trusting God:

It’s important to pray with expectancy, but without expectations.

Simple… but not easy. Especially when we can perfectly map out the exact steps we believe would be best for our lives. And then proceed to trust God to meet our very specific expectations. But faith is waiting with expectancy. Believing – knowing – that He will do something and whatever it is will be more “right” for us, and far more surprising than we could ever have imagined.

2 thoughts on “trusting and expecting

  1. Jan, thanks for this post. That explains something I have wrestled with for some time. Namely, what is the relationship between trusting God and expectation? I am sure there is more to understand on the topic, but this is helpful towards that end.


    1. This has probably been one of the hardest lessons for me to learn in the last few months – I’m so good at planning out how I think things should happen! 😉 But I’m learning to let go, and wait with expectancy – God’s solutions are usually way more creative and finely tuned than mine…


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