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the romance of mittens

smittens Get your significant other a gift you both can enjoy – Smittens. What exactly, you might ask, are Smittens?

“Smittens are mittens specially designed so that two people can hold hands inside of one mitten.”

Available online or at Restoration Hardware, where they are described as “Mittens built for two.” Details explain that a “Set includes two single mittens and one tandem Smitten.”

I was trying to think of something funny to say about this, but look at them, darnit – they’re both just so happy.

Okay, I do wonder who has to get in the car first…

4 thoughts on “the romance of mittens

  1. Hey, Sis –

    Can’t believe you wrote about these because I knitted a similar set for my girlfriend, Leslie, when she got married in 1979. I’m sure she is going to enjoy reading your blog and remembering my silly set of “Smittens”!


    1. 1979!? So then… you’re telling me WE should have been the rightful owners of the vast Smittens fortune?!?! 😉

      I do remember you made those, now that you mention it. How funny!


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