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gift idea for kids

rhinoswhosurf If you’re looking for a great gift idea for children, I’ve got a terrific recommendation.

Rhinos Who play sports is a really fun series of children’s books. Check out Rhinos Who Surf. The books are full of wildly colorful illustrations of rhinos in sportsgear, and the storyline is made up of applicable sports lingo. So Rhinos who surf “SHOOT THE TUBE and are WAY COOL in the GREEN ROOM”. Rhinos Who Snowboard “catch PHAT AIR over INSANE GAPS.” The books are fun and energetic and come with a glossary of each sport’s terminology at the back.

They are written and illustrated by Julie Mammano, a friend of mine, and a graduate of Biola University. Other books in the series include Rhinos Who Play Soccer, Rhinos Who Skateboard, and Rhinos Who Play Baseball.