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holiday survival tips for singles

The holidays can be a difficult time for singles. We feel awkward at parties full of couples. We get lonely. Our families continually ask when we’re going to bring a nice guy (or girl) home for Christmas. We find ourselves innocently lingering in the general beneath-area of the mistletoe. (…Maybe that’s just me.) Anyway, here are a few positive ways for singles to deal with the holidays.

Consider this: as singles we often put many decisions and experiences on hold until we meet Mr./Ms. Right. We don’t buy dishes, jewelry, or plan exotic vacations, because we’re waiting to do those things with that special someone. I confess – a few years back I realized that though I’d always wanted a cross necklace, I’d never bought one because I thought it would be a special gift to get from a significant other. That year I bought one, wrapped it, and crowed “Oh it’s exactly what I wanted!” when I opened it. And I’ve enjoyed it ever since.

One great way to survive the holidays is: don’t put off doing special things. If you want a set of Christmas dishes and can afford them, buy them now. Bake cookies, even if you just take them to work…the fragrance will linger in your house through the next day. Burn the fancy candles. Put a fire in the fireplace. Decorate your home for Christmas. Yes, even if you live alone. (If you’re going to be alone anyway, opt to do it with as many twinkle lights as possible.) Put up a Christmas Tree. A real one. If you have any positive childhood memories of Christmas at all, the smell of a Christmas tree every day will bring them all back. Open a bottle of wine while you decorate it. Yes, an entire bottle, just for you. (No, you don’t have to drink it all, but it’s not like you have to drive home.) And use a fancy glass. If you don’t drink, make hot chocolate and put in lots of marshmallows.

You know what I’m saying. Don’t wait. Live your life now. Celebrate Christmas in every way you can.

5 thoughts on “holiday survival tips for singles

  1. Maybe this is kind of dorky, but every year I buy a few little things I really like in the after Christmas sales, bring them home, wrap them, store them with the Christmas stuff on January 1, and promptly forget about them. The next December while taking down all that house-decorating stuff—-alone—-there’s a present to me, from me…..and I always love it.


  2. Can I add another one Jan? Don’t spend too much time on your own. I was “alone” at Christmas last year in a foreign country, but ended up being one of the best Christmas Days I have ever had. I discovered that I wasn’t TRULY alone, because I spent it with my fellow Christians. I had a friend who spent her day miserably sitting at home alone, and she still complains about it. But, even though it’s hard, I think it is much better to gather with Christian family, then mope.


  3. Katherine, that’s an excellent point. At the extreme: don’t be a martyr. Plan to be with family, or friends and enjoy the time together celebrating.

    Martin, thanks so much for considering a link. I’m grateful that my “frustrating” experiences might encourage others.


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