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me against the elephant

So being somewhat constrained by a busy lecture schedule and limited internet access, I wasn’t able to post about a fairly significant experience of my Thailand trip: the day I competed with an elephant.

Oh yes, it’s true. We were there early, so there weren’t many people in the audience. I think I was volunteered by my friends. And let me tell you, since no one speaks English, it’s quite… intimidating to go into the arena with an elephant, having no idea what you’re expected to do. Turns out, it was a friendly game of darts.


Please note, aside from the ultra-flattering rear view (which, I guess compared with an elephant isn’t bad, considering), that the elephant whips his entire trunk over his head to throw the dart.


At this point, the score is elephant – 1 for 3, Jan – 0 for 3. Since as it turns out I throw like a girl and couldn’t throw far enough, they let me move closer. While the elephant had force on his side – often throwing the dart over and beyond the target – he was a little loose on accuracy.


The photographic evidence confirms the final outcome was a tie: both Jan and the elphant scored 2 out of 7. The elephant saves face, and I win an elephant key chain. Guess I can cross “playing darts with an elephant” off my bucket list.