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i don’t know what it is but I ate it anyway

dragonfruitThey tell me it’s called Dragon Fruit. I confess I’ve never even heard of it, so I’m giving myself five points for immediately eating some. Then when I finally googled it and saw what it looks like – wow. Talk about a fruit that makes a fashion statement: hot pink with leopard-print lining. It’s crunchy like a kiwi, but oddly flavored more like a cucumber.

The conference has started, and it’s really exciting to finally understand what’s going on. There are missionaries and staff of global organizations here to learn some psychological skills for dealing with issues in teams and cultures where they work. Here’s what’s cool – there are Canadians serving in Mongolia, Australians serving in China, Brits from New Guinea, a Hollander here in Thailand. I seem to have overlooked the fact that believers from all over the world care about people all over the world. So you see that my education is well underway.

2 thoughts on “i don’t know what it is but I ate it anyway

  1. We get them fresh in season here in Sydney – fancy a trip to Australia for your dragon fruit Jennifer?! Though they are pretty expensive. I tried some in Singapore once. I thought the texture was rather like an apple.


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