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Thailand – day 2

Okay, today was another incredible day. Turns out, just outside the city of Chiang Mai is a Tiger Park, where you can actually go into a cage with a tiger (cub, “teenager” or full grown). You may wonder why anyone would want to – and we did in fact watch people lounging with the full-grown tigers with a great measure of skepticism. I mean really. Those things can kill you. But we did pay to go in and sit with the cubs, which was actually quite amazing.



And lastly, we visited an orchid farm. They decorate profusely with flowers here, and orchids are everywhere. They are – clearly – considerably less wilted than we are.


The conference starts Sunday afternoon, and then meets all day next week, so I’m not sure when I’ll post next. The conference people are beginning to arrive – we just met two missionaries from China. Should be an interesting week.

2 thoughts on “Thailand – day 2

  1. OK, WOW! How awesome is that picture of you and the tiger–TIGER cub! The orchid farm must have been a treat as well…and neither of you look wilted. That little tiger cut looks a bit wilted though. 🙂


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