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Thailand – day 1

Once we got all our social networking statuses updated, we headed out to experience Chiang Mai. It’s such a beautiful city. Interesting fact I learned today: the conference is being held here because the city is centrally located by air to every missionary in the eastern 10/40 window. Here are a few pictures from our first day.


We toured the city in a Tuk-tuk – basically a motor bike with a little cart on the back. It’s open-air, so we’ll just say you really get a feel for the city up close and personal. Did I mention it’s hot, and very humid?


Our driver took us to see several of the temples for which the city is famous.


Right next to the previous picture, was this ruin of an old temple. I liked the elephants up on the corner.


The conference director took several of us to dinner at a really lovely restaurant.


Someone ordered this curry seafood served in a coconut shell. I had Pad Thai shrimp, and they served the most wonderful, zingy ginger iced tea. Dessert was mango with some sort of seasoned sticky rice, which was just incredible.

3 thoughts on “Thailand – day 1

  1. Great bloggin and photos, Jan! Thanks for keeping us updated. It’s almost like being there with you. We continue to pray…


  2. Great pics! Humidity–bleh!
    I’m sightly jealous of your exotic God adventure, but I know this one was specially tailor made for you! Enjoy, and keep taking pictures. I can’t wait to hear ALL about it. Praying for the conference, missionaries, you, and your roomie. Oh yeah, rolled towel against the door???

    Miss you!

    ~ Svet


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