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staying forward

It’s been quite awhile since my last update on life. And holy cow has God been dealing with crap in my life. It’s a crazy dichotomy of nothing new – a relentless boredom of sameness, and the sneaking suspicion that in ways only perceptible to him things are also changing and going forward.

Almost two months ago I started meeting with a Spiritual Formation group. It is challenging a lifetime of wrong perceptions and attitudes about God.

I’m still unemployed. While I haven’t had a lot of temp or freelance jobs, I do have wonderful friends who have connected me with lots of opportunities. I’m learning the reality of walking by faith, and not by sight. It’s thrilling… in a terrifying sort of way.

Also a couple months ago, I was given an opportunity to attend a missions conference in Thailand. It’s sponsored by the Narramore Christian Foundation, an organization that provides psychological services. Clearly an opportunity for “personal growth,” plus a bit of adventure. I leave later this week.

So. What I know is that God is taking me on a spiritual journey. Life’s the same, and yet continues to move forward.

5 thoughts on “staying forward

  1. Jan-

    You are such an awesome person I hope you have a phenomenal time in Thailand as you explore God’s plan for your life!

    My only suggestion would be bring lots of homemade coffee cake, I think that would win over the people of Thailand for Christ.

    Have fun and come back with tons of stories!



    1. Thanks for your kind words, buddy. I’ll hang on to the idea of “coffee cake for Christ” – it could be a good fallback ministry… 😉


  2. Thanks for keeping it real, Jan. Your authenticity and vulnerability are part of what makes your blog so attractive. May God richly bless your journey.


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