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types of men

It can be argued that single people have a lot more freedom than married people – freedom to focus on a career, travel, to use the remote, to spend or save discretionary income. There’s also freedom to date, which can be either a lot of fun or a royal pain in the you-know-what, depending on your perspective.

Helen Gurley Brown, editor of Cosmo for over 30 years, once explained why the idea that there aren’t enough men to go around is a myth. โ€œActually, the statistics merely state there are no marriageable men to go around. Nobody said anything about a shortage of men.โ€ She then proceeded to list the seven types of men a single woman might expect to encounter. They are the Eligibles, Eligible-but-Undesirables, Womanizers, Married Men, In-the-Closet, In a Divorce, and the Cubs.

Okay. But then, if you’re a single woman of faith who attends church regularly, while all those certainly apply, I think there may be a few more.

1. Singles’ Ministry Devotee
This guy has been in the Singles’ Ministry for some time, and may even be a leader of some sort. He loves to plan activities – sailing, and hiking and dances and movie nights. To him, the singles’ group is just like being in college for 10-12 more years, all hanging out together. He gets to enjoy the extended company and attention of women at absolutely no cost to himself.

2. Looking for a Godly Supermodel

Yes, these guys want a Charlize Theron who really loves Jesus. A Proverbs 31 Scarlett Johansson. And apparently are so confident of their abilities to meet and capture such a woman that they see no need to waste good money on dates with regular women.

3. Waiting for God

This man is waiting for God to bring him the right woman, his missing rib. He is literally waiting. At home every Saturday night, presumably on his knees, praying for God to bring her into his life. He’s so fully surrendered to God’s choice for him that he can take no action other than watching for the beam of light sure to identify her in a crowd.

Me, I’m just looking for a regular guy, committed to the spiritual journey, with a sense of humor, who looks just a little like Gerard Butler.

5 thoughts on “types of men

  1. You are so right Jan! Number 1 and 3 are especially frustrating to me, as they seem to have increased greatly with the advent of facebook. While living in Scotland, I am holding out hope that I might catch a glimpse of said Gerard. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. Heh, you’re funny. I think I would add one type of man to your list, which some Christian women seem to want: “The Godly Rich Man.”


  3. Oh Jan… why are you so awesome!!!

    i would also like to nominate the Co-dependant Faith Builder.
    This guy lives his life not necessarily involved in the best stuff (and he knows it) but will not allow God to transform him. Instead, he is waiting to find that amazing, God-fearing woman who will “change” him, give him a reason/distraction to stop partying and sleeping around. Meanwhile, she is looking for her man of God who will continue to lead her on the right path.

    ๐Ÿ˜ฆ oh what a tangled web we weave. thanks for the laughs


    1. Jolene, you ROCK, girl! Thanks for identifying a very important 4th type of man. ๐Ÿ˜‰ That’s very perceptive, and you are right on. Thanks for commenting!


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