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christian web conference

I spent today at Biola University at the Christian web conference, which continues tomorrow. Turns out, this is an expanded version of GodBlogCon, the first Christian blog conference of its kind back in 2005, which has evolved to include social networking and interactive media. Here are a few snapshots.

Tim Challies spoke on Ephesians 4:15: “Speak the truth in love.” Which he encouraged us to think of as “truthing in love” in all the ways and mediums in which we communicate. Truth should certainly be our content, but love must always be our means, whether blogging, commenting, or tweeting.

Dr. John Mark Reynolds spoke to the use of media from Proverbs 26:4-5, “Do not answer a fool… Answer a fool.” Regarding online questions and comments, Dr. Reynolds suggests we sometimes answer the first fool, and always answer the second fool. In other words, give a calm, reasonable answer to the first fool, and then at some point – stop answering. (Lest, as Proverbs suggests, you become just like him.) With the second fool, continue constructive dialog as long as possible. I should probably be putting “fool” in quotation marks.

Cynthia Ware blogs at, focusing on technology and the Church. She believes the Church really isn’t looking far enough ahead to anticipate or examine future developments or offshoots of today’s media. She believes the immediate future includes Web 3.0. (And none of us had any idea what she meant by that, so… point taken.) Web 3.0 would be a “semantic web,” completely hyperlinked, intuitive, predictive in your searches. Lifestreaming will be more commonplace; not just twittering of daily activities, but photos and video as well. Holographic telepresence will be… well, something you’ll just have to google. And seamless smart technologies will include total voice command, and with WiMax you won’t ever unplug because there will be no more plugging IN. Think about those things from a spiritual perspective, in context of the Church.

The conference schedule is very open, with lots of time for discussion that really gives it a collaborative feel. More tomorrow.