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give a getaway

escondido09I just returned from a long weekend getaway down in Escondido. And because I understand the jaw-dropping jealously our prestigious accommodations will inspire, I’ll tell you we stayed at the Lawrence Welk resort. (That was really intended to be more tongue-in-cheek, just to be clear, though the resort is lovely.)

A friend of mine had a timeshare she needed to make use of in a certain time period, so she invited myself and another friend who is also currently unemployed. We enjoyed “free” accommodations – pool, shops – and having brought along things for breakfast and lunch, went out to dinner. A very inexpensive getaway for budget-conscious folk, and we appreciated her generosity in providing us with a little weekend vacation. Specifically, that at some point she thought to offer it to us.

All this to say: if you know someone who’s unemployed, think of them occasionally. Sitting at home day in and day out can be lonely and discouraging. Invite them over for a meal. Buy discounted movie passes (available at AAA) and offer to babysit one night. When you can afford to, pick up the tab at lunch. Think of ways to encourage one another.

I’m so utterly blessed to have friends who have done all of these things for me, and I see that they are being the hands and feet and hugs and attention of Christ to me in this season of my life. Think about someone you know who may need that, too.

2 thoughts on “give a getaway

  1. Thanks for this little reminder Jan. I don’t know many unemployed people at the moment (we haven’t been hit nearly so hard here in Australia) but I’m sure throughout my life I will come across many. I’ll store this advice away for future use.


  2. This is a great little article. It is quite uplifting when we get outside of ourselves and think of others. You are right, a small gesture of kindness can go a long way!
    Your writing style; being that I have met you, is much like you in person, very funny!
    You have a “sarcastic” sense of humor that I really appreciate.
    Lets stay in touch.

    Greg (from Saddleback call center)


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