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The Secret of Spiritual Power

The Secret of Spiritual Power is an article that provides a singular argument against today’s culture of “Leadership.”

“The way of the world says that in order to be stronger, we must build ourselves up and seek strength and dominance over others. Christians everywhere are keenly interested in how to be increased, how to be stronger, how to take authority, how to rise up, how to get more. They look for methods, formulas, and techniques for becoming bigger and better.”

Sound familiar? Think of the sheer number of books and blogs on Christian Leadership – how to be a better leader, how to develop more power and authority (more acceptably referred to as “influence”). You’ll rarely – if ever – see a leadership book based on the verse: “When I am weak, then I am strong” (2 Corinthians 12:10b). In fact, “weakness” is not a word you’ll find in the Leadership lexicon, except as something which must be compensated for by getting the “right” people in the “right” positions.

“Christians are full of many plans, many pursuits, many thoughts, many words, many things. It is impossible to say just how much of the flesh is involved in the things we undertake in the Name of Jesus… It comes as a shock and surprise to some Christians to see one day that God, not the devil, is resisting them. The Lord Himself resists us, closes doors, causes things to be unfruitful, and spoils all our plans. How so? Because “God resists the proud.” This resistance from God is insurmountable. It is a fearful thing to fight the Lord. We spend most of our lives wrestling with God instead of cooperating with God, and in the end we have nothing to show for it.”

Granted, it’s impossible to say “how much of the flesh is involved” in anything any of us attempts or asks for, simply because we’re human. But it seems especially relevant for leaders intent on rallying followers to their “vision.” We rarely consider the many instances in the Bible when God opposed leaders. Instead, today’s leaders inspire and motivate their followers to push through the quitting points and achieve success.

“All those who want power with God must see that His power is released through our weakness (cf. II Corinthians 12:9). Do realize that you are weak whether you admit it or not, but the power of humility is in recognizing and agreeing before God that we really can do nothing of our own selves. God’s power is not for those with natural charisma, talent, leadership skills, education, training, or ‘connections’.”

It is, in fact, the “meek” – the dull, untalented, uneducated, untrained, unconnected weaklings who will access God’s incredible power in their lives. “Leadership” gets it exactly backwards.

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    1. Thanks for your encouragement. I’ve thought about a book, but I’m not sure I know what my point is yet… 🙂 And I’d have no idea how to get started.


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